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Once purchase we will edit the logo, and titles and company names, contact details to match your company, also no one else can buy same design as we remove the site from our catalog immediately after purchase making it entirely yours and unique for your business and company. All our ready made website can not be resold to two companies at thesame time, you stay unique.


You get these and more upon purchase
Free Customization
Free Domain name
Free Shared Hosting
Extendedable Functions
No Hard Coded Files
Security Advice & Maintenance
Dedicated Support Staff

Services Extras

We only have one goal and that is to build modules or frame works that will enhance security, functionality and proffeciency for websites and businesses.

Login Security

Our login authentication module adds extra security layer to your login forms using up to four login methods

News Alert

Easily integrate news alerts and transactional notifications in SMS and Email for most occurances on your website

Comment Shield

Our comment shield provides added authorization for your comment boxes and forms allowing only authorized humans

Real Cart

Ensure only legitimate buyers can access your shopping cart, protect against unserious buyers

Bulk Notifications

Send newsletter subscription and notifications to all your site users in just a few click using turbo servers

Phone Verification

An easy module that allows you to verify your sites users phone number, works as a standalone interface

We Code Your Mind

Our team of professional coders are simply here to interpret your mind or thoughts into functional and scalable modules in various programming languages.

In need of adding any custom functions to your website, App, Wordpress theme and Plugins? then we are just a call away to turn your thoughts and ideas into working functions.

Affordable And Secured
Scalable And Exact
Major Programming Languages
We Finish On Time
Ability To Understand You
More Strong Hands On Your Job
Dedicated Support Staff

Just started a company or a business? one thing that you should ensure to maintain is a responsive and ever reachable customer care service, that is why we have our team of trained customer care units that will work with you and for your business. We take your calls and messages on your behalf and answer most questions and comments that your clients may have regarding your business, Hiring our team of customer care units will save you loads of time and money. We manage your online chat 24/7 a week, also you can track our chats with your customers to know exactly how we are performing.

Well Trained
Experts Public Relations
Transparent Work Ethics
High Morals and Business Conduct
We Study Your Busines Like Ours
Prompt Customer Responses
Save You Lots Of Time

Is great deal to make people know about your business and company and that is why we are here to assist your business to get the much needed awareness and to drive loads of customers and clients to your business.

We utilize various advertising methods that is proven to work in getting your business the needed customers and clients, and this is done without you ripping off your pocket on advertising methods and mediums that may likely not yeild the needed result. Let the experts handle all the advertising for your company and see the effects and results.


Every business needs a website, and every website needs patronizers and only professionally designed websites can trigger customers into wanting to do business with you, lets help you redefine the way your business is presented to people.
Katherine Ludas
Marketing Executive, Picknwork LLC

Why choose us?

Is very effective to work with a company who have same interest in growth and scalability, and picknwork is one team of developers that you can count on.

A team of expert developers that understand the essence of business and its challanges working together to proffer solutions that can be deployed easily in your app or website.

Enhancing your website functionality is our ultmost priority and we have so much worked so much in ensuring we develop most modules as to enable easy integration in your website.

Easy to integrate

All our modules, plugins and script can be easily integrated into any website application in just simple click.

In Most Languages

Our modules are developed in various programming languages, giving you the script in the prefered programming language.

Also for CMS

We have our plugins for wordpress, and woocommerce that you can install in any wordpress site and enjoy seamless features and functions


Get more advanced security for your wordpress or CMS website using our Picknwork Security WP Plugin with tons of features that will further secure and authenticate users of your website. You can add multiple login options and authentication for your users.

  • Standard Login Option (Login with username and password)
  • Standard + Email Authentication (Login with username, password and an OTP sent to email)
  • Standard + SMS Authentication (Login with username, password and an OTP sent to phone)
  • Standard + PNWAPP Authentication (Login with username, password and an OTP sent to pnwapp)
  • Oneclick + Email Authentication (Login with username and OTP sent to email)
  • Oneclick + SMS Authentication (Login with username and OTP sent to phone)
  • Oneclick + Email Authentication (Login with username and OTP sent to pnwapp)

Any of this method can be turned on based on user role, meaning you can set a particualar login method for a given user role in your website

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Getting started is as simply as selecting a plan and filling in your details, upon activation you will recieve your control panel details, once you have the details you can download our plugins from the download sections .